My name is Christine. I hold multiple coaching certifications, host a hit podcast and work with clients world-wide. But that isn’t where my story begins. I grew up in a dysfunctional household and I struggled for years. As happens so often, I made some poor choices as I tried to figure out life. As I hit rock bottom, I began to realize that to succeed at life I first had to figure out who I actually was and who I wanted to be; the rest fell into place. I then spent a decade establishing how to help other people that find themselves in this same spot. I help adults who were raised by parents with mood or personality disorders who struggle with self-identity and self-esteem discover who you truly are and become the designers of your own life!

Mother/ daughter relationships can be trying and exhausting. The nagging, fighting, and appeasing feels endless when all you want is a healthy relationship with your mom. It is possible to create healthy, enforceable boundaries and have safe conversations with your mother.

Coach Christine Crise has extensive experience healing these difficult relationships, both in her own life and for the clients she works with. In Break the Cycle with Your Mother: Best Practices when Your Past Stands in the Way of Your Success, she will give you the framework you need to:

  • Understand what a healthy relationship should look like between a mother and child
  • Recognize how and when to change your interactions with your mother
  • Establish boundaries that are healthy and comfortable
  • Discover who you are and who you want to be without the influence of your mother
  • Make powerful changes in your relationship

Coach Christine Crise provides a practical, comfortable, and achievable framework for establishing your own life separate from your mother. Get the relationship with your mother that you always wanted!