Group Coaching Service

New Branch Life Coach offers group coaching opportunities

What is Group Coaching?

Group coaching is a unique opportunity to work in a setting with others that are going through similar experiences as you. Your coach facilitates a safe environment for you to share and learn while supporting and encouraging each other. It is a protected space focused on goal setting, deepening awareness, action steps and accountability. Your coach will work with your group either virtually or in person once a week and provide a platform for you to talk, ask questions, celebrate and support each other throughout the week.

What are the benefits of Group Coaching?

Group coaching provides the benefit of your coach’s process and expertise as well as the ability to learn from others. You will get to hear their questions as well as the answers and watch them work through an issue. Many people feel this approach is a good fit for them because it allows them to be a participant at their own pace. This can provide more time to be introspective and can be a more palatable way to take in new information. This peer learning or collective wisdom is often very impactful and is the main reason one may choose to work in a group.